As a student, you want to shape your own journey. We get it, and we want to help you thrive. 

What do other students like me experience?

Why is it important that I am challenged in my learning?

What would one day a week at MindPlus be like for me?

How much autonomy would I get?

What do other students like me experience?

“When I get interested in something, or think something is really funny, the main reaction from the class is that I’m weird” 

“I wish I had more friends who I could be totally myself with, or who were more like me”

“I don’t really know what to do when we are learning stuff that I could do like five years ago.”

“Sometimes other kids see something and just laugh, but I get really emotional about it”

“If I think a teacher has made a mistake, I worry that I am going to come across as rude if I point it out”


Why is it important that I am challenged in my learning?


Often gifted kids cruise through school, left to their own devices by teachers who are understandably focused on those who are struggling. But if you don’t get challenged, in the long run you run the risk of getting bored or even dropping out of school. As a society, we want you to build your muscles for tackling tough problems!

In an environment where you are being challenged, you can also discover that there are more kids like you than you thought, which has a lot of benefits.


What would one day a week at MindPlus be like for me?

Every day at MindPlus is unique, because every group of students is unique.

Each class programme will include thinking warm-ups, hands on tasks, abstract thinking, creative problem-solving, and individual talent development. Example learning experiences include:


  • Coming up with a new invention or design,

  • Meaty, interesting, philosophical discussions where you get to share all of the ideas rumbling around in your mind

  • Understanding what giftedness means, for you and for other kids like you, and how to maximise your giftedness and really develop your own strengths. 

  • Working out how to explain your giftedness, and the joys and challenges that it brings to your friends, teachers and whānau,

  • Learning new learning tools like asking questions that are exciting and powerful for your learning, 

  • Creative thinking games, where you can let your imagination and ideas go wild!

  • Individualised activities that you design with your specialist teacher that will help you to work on your personal strengths and develop your talents, like fantasy writing, game design, coding, chess, 3D construction, art, design, learning another language...


“MindPlus has been a big change for me. Here I felt understood and actually SEEN for who I am. That is what I love about MindPlus. I have really enjoyed making really good friends in MindPlus and expressing myself and my talents”

“…MindPlus this year has not only helped me develop more deep and complex ideas, it has helped me apply those ideas and share those ideas.” 

“I will take away the knowledge that there are people that are just like me”


How much autonomy would I get?

Building your ability to direct your own learning is an important part of what happens at MindPlus. We know that gifted learners are hungry to learn about the things that really interest them and we help you with the time, space and tools to really dig in. Our specialist teachers also help students uncover new strengths and develop new talents along the way.


“One of my favourite things at MindPlus was getting to have a lot of choices and super interactive activities. I got to choose what to do in talent time. Some things were really hard but enjoyable and pretty fun. I can do a lot of things that are super duper cool and really good for my brain and get quite a lot more ideas” 

“My biggest challenge is taking risks with my learning. I shouldn’t just say “I don’t know”. At MindPlus I get the time to think and then give my answer even if I am not right” 

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